Friday, July 2, 2010

FACES OF RESCUE 100 CATS: Chowski 41/100

"Chowski" - 8x8 Oil on Panel
Chowski's owner writes:
"When I first saw Chowski he poked his head out of the broken slats of an attic, slid down a roof and tumbled down a flowering tree backwards to the ground. He was the cutest crème and white kitten I had ever seen. I had become concerned about how many cats I had seen hit by cars in the area and had stopped at an old 40’s era house and barn that now stood next to a busy new area of subdivisions. Turns out there were 23 cats and kittens at the house. A woman was feeding them (bread and milk!) but none had been spayed and neutered.
I decided two things that afternoon: one I was going to help this woman and that I was going to start with Chowski. As he ate tuna I had brought from a metal pie pan directly in front of me I made a lunge and grabbed him. He showed his appreciation for my “rescue” by immediately biting my finger! But I held on and opened the door to my car and threw him in. He bounced off the windows a couple of times – as a complete amateur at cat rescue I hadn’t even brought a carrier! Chowski did survive my beginning attempts at rescuing cats. As I did more rescue he shared his home with hundreds and hundreds of other cats until at 17 ½ he passed away in my arms. "



Gail Burton said...

What a beautiful cat! And you captured his gaze perfectly in your painting. I do love your style.

Gail x

Melanie Rawlings said...

When i saw your blog i was so excited!. I have four furbabies of my own. We love cats. Your painting are beautiful. Happy 4th to you.

Margaret Bednar said...

Very heart-warming.