Sunday, July 4, 2010

FACES OF RESCUE 100 CATS: Max 42/100

"Max" 8x8 Oil on Panel
Meet Max a really special cat--He used to hang around his owner's house and, based on his girth, hung around every house in the neighborhood as well (LOL).

They named this chubby little tuxedo cat "Max" and looked forward to his daily visits. They also, finally determined that Max had an owner, but they had moved to a new home about a mile away and apparently Max didn't like the new digs. Every time his owner could catch Max, he would take him home. About an hour later, Max could be seen cutting through the neighborhood yards as fast as his paws would take him.

After a few years of daily visits, sometimes in the rain, occasionally in the snow, seeing him with an icicle stuck to his furry tail, soaking wet or panting from the heat, his new owner's knew that something had to be done. They approached his owner and asked him to let Max be adopted by them. The owner could have full visitation rights if he so desired. He agreed, and Max became a full-fledged member of is new family.

Max became and indoor cat and showed no inclination to return to the outside world for the next six years. He was a great cat, loved holidays and Christmases (except when his Aunt Marion would put the Santa Claus hat on his head...although he tolerated it fairly well for a feline). He had a thing for catnip as well, and both he and Fox (the elder cat) shared that addiction!

After his yearly physical in late May, Max developed a respiratory infection and was having a hard time of it. On June 6, 2008, Max was put to sleep when a combination of medical problems proved too much for him to bear.

Max sproking his fabulous haircut!


Alley Cats and Angels of North Carolina said...

Max is magnificent.

Olga Wagner said...

Thank Tia - I am very happy with the way he came out!