Wednesday, June 30, 2010

FACES OF RESCUE 100 CATS: Robin 40/100

I am BAAAACK... Wow, the last month took a serious toll on my time ,energy and creative mojo.. I must say - it felt awesome being back in front of my easel!!!

"Robin" - 8x8 Oil on Panel
This is Robin. She was owned by a GREAT cat lover and activist. His owner is the founder of Safe Haven for Cats and Robin and her buddy, Chowski, were the first cats that she ever rescued and were the inspiration to start the no-kill shelter. To date the shelter has saved over 12000 lives!!! What an incredible legacy that these two cats left behind.

Pam writes: "Robin stood out in a crowd from the very beginning. When Robin first came up on
the rickety, wooden porch to be fed she took my breath away with her unbelievably green eyes, grey and white fur and pink nose. But she was very skittish. I was trapping/ sterilizing all the cats at a 1940’s farmhouse. There was no time to loose; these cats were running loose and unfortunately they were frequently killed by cars. I kept trapping and getting the “other” cats! Of course, we housed them, got them all their medical care and adopted them to new homes. But I really wanted Robin. Not that I had any intention of keeping her. She would be cared for and adopted like all the rest. Finally, the day came when I had her in the trap on the porch. Later that night, after she was transferred to as nice warm cage, I tentatively put my hand up to her face. But instead of biting me she rolled over and put her cheek right in my hand. Thus began a love affair that lasted almost 18 years. As you guessed, I never did adopt her out."

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Pattie Wall said...

Cool story and lovely painting of Robin - all your kitty paintings are super!!