Sunday, April 25, 2010

FACES OF RESCUE 100 CATS: Patches 23/100

"Patches" - 8x8 Oil on Panel
Patches was found by an older woman who had never had a cat. The little gray and white girl was only three months old and was grateful to have a warm home, as she was born in the autumn. However, then the woman started sneezing and wheezing... she was allergic to cats! Happily, she found Cat Angels Pet Adoptions, and they were able to take Patches in. Everything was great until Patches stopped eating at her foster home. She would stop eating and then finally be enticed to eat again...and the vet could not find the problem with the little girl. Many illnesses were suspected - feline leukemia, FIP and FIV were all finally ruled out. She had mysterious health problems off and on. When the vet found that she had food allergies, that helped her feel much better. When her vet found that she might be having an allergic reaction to her own teeth, her foster family decided that Patches would have to be theirs. They knew they would look after Patches and make sure she got all the medical help she needed.
Patches is a sweet, quirky girl who loves to play in your hair and trill for attention. Thank goodness for the nice older lady who saved her from the woods and Cat Angels Pet Adoptions for setting her on the road to her forever home.

Patches- Photo by Cat Angels Photography


Dean Grey said...
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Dean Grey said...

Expressive and fun!

The eyes are almost cartoonish looking! Love that!