Friday, April 23, 2010

FACES OF RESCUE 100 CATS: Freckles 22/100

"Freckles" - 8x8 Oil on Panel

Freckles, is a feisty little calico who turned up in her rescuers' o yard about nine years ago. It was obvious that she had never spent any time around humans; she was very wary and would not approach her food until they left the area. Eventually she began to realize that they were trustworthy and would come over for petting as long as they were seated and let her make all the overtures. In the course of taking care of her, her rescuers became very attached and began to plot how they could get her inside. Finally with lots of advice and assistance from the staff at SAFE Haven, they were able to trap Freckles and bring her inside about four years ago.
She has done amazingly well--there have never been issues at all with her indoor status, although she does not especially care for attention from the other cats. She has her own room with a view of a bird feeder and each night she comes out to visit and scamper around the bedroom.

Based on the vet's estimate, she is approximately twelve years old and in excellent health. Although, it's not expected that she will ever entirely lose her caution around humans, on her own terms she is the most loving cat and the least "needy".


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Dean Grey said...

I LOVE all the color you pumped into this cat portrait, Olga!