Thursday, April 22, 2010

FACES OF RESCUE 100 CATS: Bill the Cat 21/100

"Bill the Cat" - 8x8 Oil on Panel
Sorry for the glare on the photo...
Bill the Cat’s mother was a stray cat who was looking for a warm place to give birth. A nice person took her in and she had her four black and white kittens in his laundry room. The kittens needed homes to avoid being taken to the shelter. Bill and her sister Hugh were adopted by a couple in Chapel Hill.. Husband had never had cats before and wasn’t sure about it but almost from day one he and Bill formed a bond. The bond was strengthen after Bill’s kidneys began to fail due to an infection. She had to have fluids injected every few days and only he, Dave could do it without a fight. She slept every night nestled in his armpit and spent most evenings in his lap. The fluids kept Bill going for quite a few years but eventually, at the age of 9, her kidneys failed completely. Right up until the end she was very active and involved in whatever activities were going on in the house, including demanding to be admired by guests. She was the right first cat for a non-cat person and very much a member of the family. They had more cats since then. They are all special, but none have measured up to Bill!

"Bill the Cat"

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I love the hints of color in all that black fur!