Wednesday, April 21, 2010

FACES OF RESCUE 100 CATS: Chang 20/100

"Chang" - 8x8 Oil on Panel
WOW - This is Day 20...Time really does fly when one is having fun!

Chang's story, He was born roughly June 10, 2005. He was captured around Memphis/Bartlett, TN. Originally he was captured, fixed and had his ear clipped and they were going to release him. That was their way of telling which cats were fixed in the wild. The rescuers did however notice that Chang and his siblings weren't as feral as was originally thought. They put him up for adoption and through a connection with the Siamese Rescue Center Chang was fostered by a family in Bartlett, TN.

His current owner moved to Osceola, AR. in July 2005 and was surprised to learn that her husband was open to adopting a cat. (He's a dog guy and still is). Both, husband and daughter have allergies and after doing research she found that a Siamese cat might be a good option. Once she saw Chang on the Siamase Rescue she decidedthat he was perfect for the family!!. There was something about his look that caught her eye..After the adoption was approved, she traveled to TN to pick him up at a Vet's office. There, she was asked if she still really wanted him since due to his clipped ear he was not fully PERFECT. To which she replied: "it didn't matter how he looked because I love him already." Once she took Chang in her arms he just sat there, with his front paws standing on one arm and he looked like a king. He still loves to sit in the arms like that.

On the way home, an hour and a half, he gave his sorrow filled "Merrows" while she talked to him to calm him. At home she put him in the big bathroom and went to get her girls from school. She brought them into the bathroom and they said, "Does Daddy know you got a cat???" She had to laugh. "It was a great secret". Both the girls loved Cats and the youngest really loved them. Carol the youngest would sit in the bathroom and read to Chang during his first week home.

Since then she kept in touch with his foster mom and kept her appraised of Chang's Baby steps to becoming a normal (non-feral) cat. He has certainly become her little buddy and they have conversations at times. She has to be stern at times and tell him "No" too. What parent wouldn't. In March 2006, the family adopted Oskar, a pure breed Irish Wolfhound. Chang and Oskar get along great. Just like regular kids do. They both "kind of fight", but its more of the dog wanting to play. Chang is a pretty laid back cat has been a very good first cat.


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