Wednesday, April 14, 2010

FACES OF RESCUE 100 CATS: Drusilla 13/100

"Drusilla" 8x8 Oil on Panel
Not the best photo...Sorry for the reflection from the wet paint...
Drusilla was adopted in 2005 at the age of two. When she arrived at the Wake County SPCA she had to be isolated for being antisocial with both people and other cats. While they were treating her for fleas, ear mites, etc. she started to warm up to the other animals and was eventually placed up for adoption. In the past Drusilla's new owner never had a specific color or breed in mind when adopting and animal, but this time she knew that she really wanted a completely black cat to name Drusilla (after the female vampire on Buffy the Vampire Slayer). So, after getting to the shelter she went right over to the black cats. Drusilla was the first one she saw. The once totally antisocial cat came right over to her, let her pick her up, and even licked my cheek. That was all it took! Drusilla went to her new home that day.
After taking about two months to warm up to her new owner and her new surroundings, Drusilla became the most loving, social cat I have ever. She greets everyone at the door, sits on visitors' laps, lets almost anyone pick her up, and gives everyone kisses. She has also become her owner's shadow, following her around wherever she goes. She is the best little girl, ever



Missie@Crafting with Cat Hair said...

She looks great! I love the little white wisps of hair. She actually has a few. One minor thing, her name is spelled Drusilla without the "c". Everyone spells it wrong. Maybe I should have picked an easier name. :)

Olga said...

I am sorry...I will fix he name asap

Dean Grey said...

All that color looks striking!

Nice close-up shot too!