Tuesday, April 13, 2010

FACES OF RESCUE 100 CATS: Daphne 12/100

"Daphne" - 8x8 Oil on Canvas


The next two rescued cats that will be featured as part of the Faces of Rescue Project are: Drusilla from the Wake County SPCA and Daphne from Safe Haven for Cats.

Last year, their owner had read about Safe Haven for Cats online and had been checking their website regularly. She decided that she would adopt in June during the Adopt a Shelter Cat Month and was looking for an adult cat that would get along with another cat. After looking at all of the cats there, one stood out to her - Daphne, a five-year old calico cat with facial nerve paralysis. The right side of Daphne's face was paralyzed, which causes her eye to remain open, her ear droop a little, and her face and whiskers droop. Adoption staff at Safe Haven for Cats was thrilled that Daphne, who had been there a long time would finally have a chance at a happy life in her forever home.

Daphne took a little while to adjust to her new home and the other cat ,Drusilla. But, with time she had become the sweetest little kitty who loves to be brushed and purrs constantly while reclining on her Lazy Boy chair.


Missie@Crafting with Cat Hair said...

Oh, Daphne! She is perfect. Thank you so much for painting her. I can't wait to see Drusilla tomorrow.

How do I go about purchasing her? I want to get Daphne and Drusilla when she is done.

Anonymous said...

I really like this one. Its very artistic! The colors are different but they all work. Just 88 more.