Thursday, February 18, 2010


I managed to paint couple of small pear studies before devouring the tasty fruit...I was relatively happy with the way the first one (the bottom picture) came out , but it did not feel right..It was not me..It was too plain...With animals, I like to have fun with cropping and colors, but for some reason I thought that with fruit you could not do it..But then I tried and found that my FUN style worked quite nicely with this pear. Next, I must try an apple or a lemon !!!
"Corner Pear" - 4x4 Oil on Panel

"Pear Study" - 6x6 Oil on Masonite


Lauren Maurer said...

Well, I'd say that you made both of these paintings fun and stylish. Great brushwork and colors!

Ann Rogers said...

Olga, love these pears. Stop by my blog to get the award I left for you!