Monday, February 22, 2010


Following into the footsteps of other artists who have challenged themselves by painting 100 pieces in 100 days, I too, will commit myself to this rather large undertaking. My project “Faces of Rescue: 100 CATS in 100 DAYS” will feature fun and colorful portraits (and stories) of 100 lucky kitties.

Starting March 15th, I will paint a portrait of 1 CAT per DAY for 100 DAYS. Each painting will be done in oils on a 8x8 canvas or panel and will be available for purchase with a large percentage of the proceeds donated to selected cat rescue organizations.
This project is open to any rescued cat.If you are a proud owner of such a feline, or know of someone who is, please email me a photo and a short story of your cat's past. It would be great if we could make this an international project!!

By sending me a photo, you will be giving me permission to paint the portrait and publish the image along with the cats story on my blog, website and ultimately in a book.

Note about Photographs: Photos should be taken in natural light as the flash tends to distort the features and colors of the cat – especially the eyes. A close-up of the face would be ideal. If your photos were taken professionally, please ask the photographer for copyright permission.

Contact Information:

Olga Wagner 919-225-8700


Sheila said...

Wow Olga! You go girl! I'll be cheering you on!

Art with Liz said...

I'm looking forward to this one Olga!

Olga said...

This should be interesting!