Tuesday, February 1, 2011


MAGGIE - 8x8 Oil on Panel

Meet Maggie. She was part of a litter found in a Charlotte neighborhood by her current owner's sister, who took in the mama cat and the kittens and provided them a shelter in her garage. This one little kitten (Maggie) was the most curious/aggravating/rambunctious, and since her owner's sister kept the last kitten ( who had no mobility in her back legs), Maggie went to her new home in Raleigh!

Nothing has been the same since. Maggie doesn't realize she's a cat! She still gets into everything, dominates the older male cat, makes unusual noises like she's mourning, and she has been doing that every day for the past decade! She's extremely smart and predictable. Translated, that means you know exactly when she's had enough of anything and plans to create havoc in the next few moments!
Maggie is one great cat. She can be loving, but don't rub her backside more that once or twice, and don't wiggle your feet under a blanket because she'll attack! Lastly, don't try to outsmart her because she knows all the tricks. Her one fear is a doorbell (which is so loud that it scares us all at times).


Rick Nilson said...

the best cats.

Olga Wagner said...

Thank you Rick. Your work is incredible too!