Wednesday, February 2, 2011

FACES of RESCUE 100 CATS - FOX 46/100

FOX - 8x8 Oil on Panel

His owner writes:
"This is Fox. He got his name from the TV show "X Files" and I'm not sure why. Fox was picked up crossing a highway in Rockingham, hungry, malnourished, and he wasn't much more than a ball of fur held together by fleas. Ruth and her sister found him in a ditch, fed him and gave him a bath. It was a pleasant day and I was enjoying a lounge chair, a cold beer and some Bob Marley Reggae music in the back yard of Ruth's mother's home in Rockingham. I dozed off, and when I woke up, there was this tiny kitten asleep on my chest!

We searched for signs of Fox's family for a few days, but came up empty. When it was time to go, he came with us, and here he has remained for more than a dozen years. Being a small town cat moving to a big city might explain why he has always had a quizzical look and demeanor, we're not sure, but we are sure that he is one big, beautiful feline and a special treasure.

Unfortunately, Fox didn't stay small and we didn't know how to not spoil him! He was our first cat in many years, and he seemed to like living in a home with food and all the amenities. Trouble was, he had no one to play with, so he decided to become an attack cat. If you ignored him, he would simply attach himself to your foot or jump you when you passed him in a doorway. This persistence netted him several playmates in a short time. He was also the reason Ruth became a volunteer at SafeHaven "
Fox is one lucky cat!!!

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sherryscarvings said...

Just wanted to say, "Fox is a beautiful" cat. I'm sure he has loved every minute of his love from you. It shows. Love the painting to. awesome.
I to have a cat, she is a tabby 14 yrs old and still rules the roost. :)