Thursday, May 6, 2010

FACES of RESCUE 100 CATS - Rex 30/100

"Rex" - 8x8 Oil on Panel

This handsome girl goes by the name of Rex, a friend of Puff (Cat#25). Here is her sad little story:

"One crisp sunny day in January 2004 my son and I were driving along and I noticed this cat tail bouncing along the upper part of a snow windrow. I was quite shocked as it was 25 degrees Celsius BELOW outside. We were rather enjoying the weather as we had just come out of a 3 weeks spell of over minus 30 – 35 C degrees.( You can imagine how cold it had been if we felt minus 25 was warm)….I could not believe someone would let their cat outside in this weather. I quickly pulled over and the cutest white with black spots cat was there on the sidewalk. She didn't look very old maybe 4 to 6 months but she looked in pretty rough shape. She would not let me get anywhere near her. I was pressed for time as I had to pick up my daughter so I reluctantly left the cat on the snowy sidewalk. My daughter ended up going on a playdate so I said to my son “Let’s go see if that cat is still out there” Sure enough there she was sitting on the curb looking so very forlorn. I pulled up right in front of her and hopped out of my van. I walked right up to her and scooped her up! She did not even hesitate to let me near her this time. Once she was in our van I was shocked in the sad state she was in. Her ears were totally gone from frost bite. Her nose was black and all her paws were frost bitten to a blackened state. She was skin and bones. She looked like a walking skeleton. Our hearts went out to her right away. I wasn’t sure if I could save her but I was certain she would be dead by night fall if I left her.

Rex was terribly abused both physically and mentally. She took a very long time to come around and to this day runs scared when my husband wears shoes in the house or a garbage or plastic bag is shook out. But we love her and she has had a super life with us for the past 15 years. She is fluffy and fat and tries very, very hard to be a good and loving cat. Sometimes she just can’t do it and runs away to hide but she always comes back out and give us a meow. The special days are ones you can get her to purr, it warms my heart as I know it is very hard for her to trust anyone. Though, truly, after 15 years you would think she would trust us!! haha

Since Puff has left us she is around more often. I know she misses him dearly and is in constant look out for him. I feel very fortunate that I was able to save our Rex and I wouldn’t trade her in for a million dollars…hmmm…well maybe a million!! "

What a face!!!!

Rex and Puff


T said...

oh my! this is so sweet, i'm going to cry though. How wondeful you saved this sweet baby. i do not understand humans! Melissa Zbikowski turned me on to this website. I want to learn more about this project! Both my guys are rescues!
And I have a foster Haddie that I am thinking about keeping....
I can't wait to read more stories but i am afraid i will cry. I just saw the post about sweet Boris :(

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

I am really looking forward to seeing your painting of this lovely little lady. I have always 'adopted' rescue kittens, and am so grateful for the organizations and people who do this work!