Saturday, May 8, 2010

FACES OF RESCUE 100 CATS: Biscuit 31/100

"Biscuit" - 8x8 Oil on Panel

Biscuit showed up one morning on his owner’s back patio trailing along behind his mother, a neighborhood feral cat. On the morning of his first appearance his owner was having biscuits and gravy for breakfast and his coloring was very similar hence his name. The owner was able to trap both and have them spayed/neutered. His mother was a true feral but since Biscuit was a kitten; he was entered into a local shelter’s adoption program. Unfortunately after a couple weeks it was decided he was too feral and not a good candidate for adoption.

Although after five years Biscuit may not be a social butterfly, he does like to be in the room to keep an eye on things. People are fine as long as he doesn’t feel trapped or threatened. He and Chrysler are fast friends and there are several mornings when the owner awakes to find him asleep at the foot of the bed with the others. Of course he is the first one off the bed and out of the room, but the owner is banking on patience winning over his trust even though it will be a long process.


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Margaret Bednar said...

Awe. I have had many cats over the years and one of my favorites NEVER wanted to be held or "trapped". But he was always following me from room to room keeping an eye on things. He was my buddy. Your artwork is wonderful and the stories you pair with them are precious. This series could make a book. Looking forward to 100 Dogs... Thank you.