Saturday, April 10, 2010

FACES OF RESCUE 100 CATS: Pandora 9/100

"Pandora" - 8x8 Oil on Panel

The next two kitties that will be posted here are Pandora and Beta. They were rescued together from a pretty sad situation. They had been living in an apartment with 6 other cats when they lost their caretaker to cancer. The landlord was about to send them all to the shelter when Kitten Rescue stepped in & placed them in a foster home. When their current owner met them a couple weeks later, they were living in an outdoor enclosure, sort of like a big chicken coop, as their foster mom had too many cats inside to bring them in. They were obviously well cared for, but they were a bit traumatized from all the recent changes in their lives. The 4 most outgoing of these cats had already been adopted, but Pandora and Beta (they had different names then) were among those who hadn't yet been adopted.

It didn't take the owner very long to decide that those 2 were the cats for her, and the adoption was finalized. Pandora is a beautiful Maine Coon who keeps the house bug free with her awesome hunting skills. Beta is one of the cutest tabby cats I've ever seen, and has transformed from a shy, hiding-under-the-bed-or-in-the-closet kitty to a talkative, occasional lap cat.


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Peaceful Pork said...

She is a gorgeous cat! Kitten Rescue is a great organization. Thanks for your support!