Sunday, April 4, 2010

FACES OF RESCUE 100 CATS: Chrysler 3/100

"Chrysler" - 8x8 Oil on Panel

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Chrysler was rescued in 2007 from the David O’Neal Chrysler, Jeep dealership on Capital Blvd, hence his name. His owner did the interior repairs on their cars and every week he was there Chrysler would come out of the woods and sleep under the van as the owner worked. There were several feral cat colonies around the dealership and none accepted him and he constantly showed scars from his battles with the feral cats. After about 6 weeks his owner took him to SAFE Care and had him neutered before taking him home. Chrysler had a little trouble relating to the other household cats, except for Einstein. Those two bonded almost immediately and have been best friends ever since.

Einstein and his story will be featured on this blog in the next couple of days.



Gwen Bell said...

All of these cats are painted so beautifully. Your idea to paint all 100 is such a wonderful tribute! Thank you for including their inspiring stories. I'm looking forward to knowing every one of them.

Olga Wagner said...

Thanks Gwen..