Sunday, April 5, 2009

It's Chihuahua Time

It's time to tackle another breed...Here are couple of Chihuahua paintings...
"Hope" - 6x12 Oil on Masonite
Just like any other breed, Chihuahuas are not immune from being abandoned and/or dumped in the shelters. Since they are small, they are also a favorite amongst Puppy Mill breeders -horrible practice where the dogs spend their whole "breeding life" in the cages with no creature comforts that EVERY animal should be entitled to. I named the above painting Hope...Hope for a loving home - Hope for a better future....


"Boston Chi" - 6x6 Oil on Masonite
This Chi is trying to blend in with all of my Boston Terrier Paintings . Proudly wearing the boston colors!


Barb Hillier said...

Oh these guys are just too adorable - they remind me of my little 4 lb yorkie! Great colors and brush strokes.

Olga Wagner said...

Thanks Barb!

Edward Burton said...

WONDERFUL paintings, Olga! Beautifully painted and composed.

Christine in Art said...

Chihuahua wow he is great! Excellent work

Cathyann said...

Just so very captivating! Nice work, Olga