Tuesday, January 3, 2012


My brother asked to work on a tulip arrangement for him...I feel like I need to work on a few singular flowers to get an hang of this simple looking yet quite intricate flower...My hubby is one who truly appreciates this beautiful flower. We must have around 300+ tulip bulbs in the ground waiting to come up this spring...
LONER 4" x 12 " Oil on Stretched Canvas

Available www.olgawagner.com

I took some time last night to prime a bunch of smaller canvases and panels. It's nice to have a bunch ready to go when inspiration strikes. Lately I have been using Colored Gesso by Holbein. It's rather pricey, but the coverage and color that you get from Holbein is worth every penny! Orange is my favorite by far, but I also use the red on a regular basis. I like to use a palette knife to apply the gessoe as it adds a bit of texture to the canvas, and I love texture...

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