Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I started on these precious little boys back in February and put them away for a few months. Few weeks ago reworked the background and once again, set it aside for a while. Last night I looked at this as it was painting hanging in my studio and decided that I was finally done with it. It is so much brighter and more airy than my first attempt... I am HAPPY!

LOVE YOU BROTHER 24 x 30 x 1.5 Oil on Stretched Canvas


February version - feels very COLD and DREARY.

Last night's dinner - There is nothing COLD and DREARY about this little beauty!

This must be the prettiest roast chicken that ever came out of my oven. And the best part was that it was as tasty as it looked. The recipe for this bad boy can be found here . I made a few minor modification, such as adding more garlic (can you ever have enough garlic?) and carrots.

I will be using this "Garlic-Orange-Butter' rub on my turkey this year - it was absolutely DELICIOUS.

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