Sunday, April 10, 2011


SNOWBALL - 8x8 Oil on Panel


What a precious Sleeping Beauty!!! Meet Snowball...

SNOWBALL's owner writes: " Snowball hit the jackpot by being abandoned on my street - if that makes any sense! He was abandoned in the fall of 2008. He was emaciated - weighing in at 7lbs. and was missing large patches of fur. We took him to the vet immediately and the vet said he was about 12 years old!!!! He is now at almost 14lbs and "fully furred". In the 2+ years that I have had him, Snowball has overcome a behavioral urination problem (likely why he was dumped) and has also had a cancerous tumor removed. He has become my permanent sidekick and sleeps with me, lays with me etc. he ALWAYS has to be near me. Snowball was my foster until last month when I made it official after someone with a good application wanted to adopt him. I couldn't part with my "senior baby".

Original photo...

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