Tuesday, February 8, 2011


MISS KITTY - 8x8 Oil on Panel

Miss Kitty

In owner's own words: "My husband and I decided to visit our local animal control facility in July 2000 because we were newlyweds with the typical empty nest syndrome. I had always been a dog person while my husband was the cat person in the family. He very much missed his two feline companions who had moved to California with his former housemate prior to our meeting. I felt sorry for him and suggested that we visit the shelter and see who was available for adoption. Secretly, I hoped we would find a dog but that was not to be. Instead of taking a right into the dog adoption area, our fate was set, when we turned left into the cat shelter.

We moved from cage to cage talking to the cats and kittens. One particularly vocal young male caught our attention so we stopped to visit with him. While standing there, my husband felt a tug on his pants leg. He looked down and there was the soon-to-be Miss Kitty firmly holding his pant cuff in both front paws. She was a very talkative 16-week old kitten and insisted that we introduce ourselves. We were eventually to learn that Miss Kitty has an opinion on everything and isn't shy about sharing it. Still - there were so many wonderful cats and kittens available that we decided to visit them all before making a decision. Miss Kitty would have none of that. As we rose to walk away, she continued to reach for and grab my husband's pants while informing us that the decision had been made. Resistance, as they say, would be useless. Naively, we asked to be allowed to hold her. Little did we understand the power and force of those kitten rays. As my husband picked her up out of the cage - she rolled over on her back in his arms - mewed and chortled at him then fell soundly asleep while purring the whole time. He was a goner. She has been "his girl" since that moment. To Miss Kitty, I am but an accessory or interloper that must be dealt with (unless I have the treat bag, of course.) Secretly, we really love each other but that's just between us. She doesn't want Dad to know there might be anyone else in her life.

I could tell you so much more about her. She is a character and, without a doubt, the Grand Dame of the household. She is a Torti through and through with all the Torti characteristics and personality traits. We both dearly love her. She has converted me from a dog person to a certifiable crazy cat lady. A gift I can never repay. A gift that ultimately helped us both find our own call to rescue cats. I am sure you understand how much that means. "

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