Monday, May 10, 2010

FACES of RESCUE 100 CATS - Cody 34/100

"Cody" - 8x8 Oil on Panel

His owner walked into the beautiful Pueblo, Colorado shelter in late 2007 to see what Siamese kitties might need rescuing. She saw Cody standing there more like a little barrel-chested bulldog than a Meezer and there was no question that he needed to come into Rocky Mountain Siamese Rescue. She panicked each time a potential adopter expressed an interest in him and begged her husband to let him join their family. Equally smitten with the handsome fellow, her husband agreed, and Cody has been a ray of sunshine in their lives ever since.

She asks Cody daily, " how in the world such a fabulous kitty ended up in a shelter", but he keeps his secret. When She wakes up in the morning and sees those beautiful blue eyes in his applehead looking at her, she smiles and thinks how lucky she is to have this wonderful boy in her life.

Cody - One Handsome Fellow!

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