Friday, April 30, 2010

FACES of RESCUE 100 CATS - Lambchop 28/100

"Lambchop" - 8x8 Oil on Panel

Lambchop owned by Tia Hagnes fouder and president of Alley Cats and Angels

Tia writes: "Lambchop, and seven other "L" kittens, were fostered by my dear friend for the SPCA approximately 5 years ago. The L kittens had ringworm and so they were with her for almost 5 months. During those 5 months, I would go to Debbie's house every night to visit with them and once weekly we would do kitty bath time together (I would bathe them, she would dry them) and while the cats finished drying, we would bleach down the rescue room the cats lived in. Lambchop was called "lots-o-fluff" when she first arrived because she was all hair. I fell in love with Lambchop and Love Muffin the instant I saw the two cats but told myself I could not adopt any more cats (I had 3 at the time already). Love Muffin and Lambchop were not the most angelic of kitties and Debbie would call and tell me "Tia, YOUR kittens jumped over the baby gate and ran downstairs". When they were "naughty", they were definitely MY kittens. I used to say Lambchop should wear a little red bandanna tied around her head and a black jacket that read "bad to the bone". When the ringworm finally cleared up and the cats were available for adoption, I helped Debbie write profiles for the cats but couldn't bring myself to write anything about Lambchop and Love Muffin, I guess it was then I realized, they weren't going anywhere -- except to my house after I adopted her! She's so glorious in all her fur - and she's even more adorable when she's being "bad to the bone". I adopted two of the L's and Debbie adopted one (Lexington).


"JeanneG" said...

She's a beautiful cat and looks like she has a sneaky side to her.

Alley Cats and Angels of North Carolina said...

Olga - it's fabulous. I am definitely buying this painting. Hope my other cats aren't jealous. But Lambie is the most photogenic. Love Muffin is so gorgeous but does not photograph well.

Olga said...

It looks so much better in real life...I realy need to up ugrage my camera!!!