Thursday, March 5, 2009


"All Ears" - 6x6 Oil on Masonite
This is a little French Bulldog dude. I was not very happy with this picture last night and almost wiped it off, but my husband stopped me...He really liked the personality of this pup. Check out the French Bull Dog Rescue website for more info on these cool little dogs.


Sheila said...

I have a special love for Frenchies. I think you captured their fun personality and thank your hubby for doing what he needed to do last night. hugs!

Olga Wagner said...

I am softie when it comes to Frenchies, Bostons and English Bulldogs - there is something about those squeezable, wrinkly faces.

Christine MacLellan said...

Your husband was right, you really got the attitude.

marie k. lynch said...

Hi Olga,

Looks like I logged in to eBay too late to win "Big Ears", the little Frenchie. Did it sell? If not, let me know if I can purchase him. I'm in love with the painting. Thx, Marie

Camille LaRue Olsen said...

I am sooo glad you didn't wipe this off, it is aDORable! I love all your animal paintings -- great work!!

Lori Zébière said...

I realize this is an old post, but he's awesome! Who ever it was that was lucky enough to buy him got a real treasure! I own a Frenchie, and you caught the frog dog attitude bang on!